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Emily Massi

I am super excited to offer Twinkle Toes Nanny Agency to the West Cobb area! While I was a college student at the University of Florida (Go Gators!), I had the amazing opportunity to work for Twinkle Toes Nanny Agency as a nanny! I am from Marietta, Georgia and did not know anyone in the Gainesville area. I had tons of nannying experience of all ages, but not having any connections in the area it was extremely hard to find a family. I found Twinkle Toes Nanny Agency and immediately knew I had hit the jackpot. Twinkle Toes found families that fit my schedule for me, and families trusted the Twinkle Toes name which allowed me to work for so many wonderful families all over Gainesville. I could not have found a more perfect job while in college, away from my own family.

I still remember moving back home after graduation, and sobbing as I had to leave behind all of my new families that had made my time in Gainesville so rewarding! I thought to myself, “I sure hope that when the time comes I can find a nanny that loves my kids as much as I love these guys”. Shortly after, Kristy offered me the opportunity to open a Twinkle Toes Nanny Agency in West Cobb! I am so excited to be able to offer the same reliability and ease to the families in my own hometown. It is also a huge relief knowing that when I have children of my own, I will simply be able to call upon a Twinkle Toes nanny and know that I am getting the best of the best!

Twinkle Toes understands that every little bit helps when it comes to raising a family. That is why we take as much as possible out of the hassle of finding the perfect fit for you. We offer the most highly screened nannies so that you know your children are in responsible, caring hands. The best part is that we are not a placement agency! We don’t charge any upfront fees: No placement fees, application fees, finder’s fees, or even date night fees for families who only need us on occasion! We also offer a back up nanny guarantee, so if your nanny needs the day off we provide you with another one who is just as great. We do all we can to help make your life just a little bit easier. Never again will you have to stress about finding a nanny or babysitter, haggling over schedules, vacation, or even payroll taxes! We are here to provide busy families with one less thing to worry about!

With Gratitude, Emily Massi